Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Charitable Giving

In December 2022, we conducted a massive charity giveaway, donating £200 to 12 different charities for the 12 days of Christmas, including Help 4 Homeless Veterans charity, Centre Stage, Croydon Nightwatch, and Moto neurone disease association.

Pandemic Support

During the pandemic, we donated 50,000 masks to The Big Issue Foundation to help their vendors stay safe while selling the magazine across various locations. We also provided 1,000 masks to a local gymnastics club to ensure the safety of coaches and children during training.

Clean Road Signs

We initiated a successful clean road signs campaign in our operational areas, improving sign visibility by removing organic growth, which had previously hindered public readability.

Mentoring and Education

We mentored a young individual from a Croydon children’s home, teaching them about health and safety at work, customer service, and the latest window cleaning technology.

Community Outreach

At Christmas, we cleaned the homes of hundreds of elderly and disabled individuals, ensuring a clean and comfortable environment for them. We also sponsored various charity events, including the Asthma charity Christmas carol service.

Homeless Support

During winter months, we provided hundreds of tins of soup to help feed the homeless population, contributing to their well-being.

These initiatives reflect our commitment to giving back to the community and promoting social responsibility.